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Locus Solus Studio

By offering both technical proficiency and creative direction, we strive to empower brands to stand out and connect with their audiences in new and exciting ways.

What We Do

Locus Solus Studio is an Amsterdam-based outsourcing studio founded in March 2020 by 3D artist Isabel Palumbo.


LSS specializes in creating custom 3D assets and social AR experiences for brands by exploring the relationship between art and technology. Our augmented reality experiences have been used as a marketing tool in promotional campaigns by companies such as Burberry, Huda Beauty, MGA Entertainment, Sotheby's, and ZARA. We help companies concept and develop augmented reality experiences as well as marketing campaigns for platforms such as Facebook/Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. 

With over three years of expertise in the industry, we offer guidance on the best practices and effective integration of augmented reality into your marketing campaign.

Our Vision

At Locus Solus Studio we redefine reality through innovation. Our mission is to create immersive, meaningful experiences that enhance daily life. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of AR technology, striving for excellence, and envisioning a world where AR enriches the way people interact with the world.

Our aim is to be at the forefront of defining the future, where AR is an art form that enhances reality, empowers industries, and elevates human connection. We aspire to create immersive experiences that are both captivating and transformative, setting new standards for innovation and aesthetic excellence.


  • Winners F8 Hackathon Refresh ( issued by META) The augmented reality experience “Scoop it Up!”, created together with designer Kyo Park and developer Tomas Pietravallo has been awarded the second prize of the 2021 Hackathon Refresh from Facebook.


  • META Certified Creator ( issued by META) The Meta Certified Spark AR Creator certification is awarded to candidates who demonstrate proficiency and professional experience with Spark AR effects and interactive experiences and possess the knowledge, skills and abilities required to develop and publish these effects and experiences.


  • Tik Tok Certified Partner (issued by Tik Tok) Locus Solus Studio is part of the official insider partner program of Tik Tok which was recently announced by Effect House community managers.

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