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A collection of both commercial and personal work in social AR across Instagram, Snapchat and Tik Tok.

Marc Jacobs - Marc It

Promotional AR campaign in occasion of Marc Jacobs' Fluo Monogram campaign launch featuring an optical background and custom AR monogram make-up and 3D necklace.

Original design by make-up artist Ana Takahashi.

Burberry - Mythical Ears

Promotional AR campaign in occasion of Burberry's Spring 2022 digital show.

Original prosthethics by make-up artist Isamaya French.

R.E.M. Beauty - Ch.1 Ultraviolet

AR campaign in collaboration with Meta for the release of Ariana Grande's make-up line: R.E.M. Beauty.

Palace of Versailles - Latona Fountain

For this unique project, we traveled to Paris in order to test the Beta only geo-location feature of Meta Spark and calibrate the experience on-site in order for it to properly frame the Latona fountain, one of the main attractions of the Palace's gardens.

SOKOS X META - Find The Look!

The Finnish department store chain cut its cost per acquisition by 69% after creating an augmented reality virtual try-on experience that allowed customers to visualise themselves in different makeup looks, and then promoted the latter with Facebook and Instagram ads.

On the side we showcase our fourth Find your Look campaign with the brand in 2024.

Armani Beauty - Prisma Glass

Marketing campaign for  Giorgio Armani and L' Oréal Luxe in occasion of the release of Armani Beauty's Prisma Glass lip-gloss. Locus Solus Studio developed this Augmented Reality experience for both Instagram and Tik Tok.