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Locus Solus Studio is an outsourcing studio specialized in custom high quality 3D production services and development of social AR/VR experiences. With a portfolio that includes collaborations with several renowned brands; LSS has proven deliver interactive, engaging AR experiences that resonate with audiences and drive real-world results.


Meta Spark Top Effects of 2022

Our effect 'Time Bend" has been included by Meta in the Top Effects of 2022. 

Certified AR Creators

Locus Solus Studio is part of the Meta Spark Partner Network (MSPN), Tik Tok's insiders program and Snap Lens Network.

Branded Social AR Experiences

Marc Jacobs

Marc It

Promotional AR campaign in occasion of Marc Jacobs' 2022 Fluo Monogram campaign.


Mythical Ears

Promotional AR campaign in occasion of Burberry's Spring 2022 digital show.

R.E.M. Beauty

Ch.1: Ultraviolet

AR campaign in collaboration with META for the release of Ariana Grande's make-up line.

Our Story

Founded in March 2020 by 3D artist Isabel Palumbo, Locus Solus Studio was born with the mission of combining art and new technologies focusing on the field of social AR. From retail and fashion to entertainment and education, our goal is to push the boundaries of what's possible with AR technology and provide our clients with a qualitative end product.

Our Partners

Locus Solus Studio has created Augmented Reality campaigns for the following brands and marketing agencies.

L-Base Collective

We are co founders of the Amsterdam digital collective L-Base in collaboration with VideOrbit Studio. The latter is focused on bringing cultural relevance into the realm of augmented reality and combining educational experiences with traditional art forms.

Through collaborations with cultural institutions and accomplished artists, our aim is to uncover the seamless integration of AR technology within the art domain and its interconnected educational framework.

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